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To make the research of new catalytic reactions, new catalytic materials and new catalytic characterization technology as the core,study the basic research of catalytic application at the aspect of energy,environment and fine chemicals synthesis for the characteristics catalyst activity,  active site and reaction mechanism characterization in situ of basic research features.As follows.

1.Catalysis and catalytic reactions
1)molecular sieve catalytic principle
2)conversion of methanol and its coupling reaction mechanism
3)catalyzed in situ studies and theoretical modeling

2.molecularseive synthesis
1)synthesis of the porous material of the new molecular sieves
2)molecular sieve crystallization mechanism
3)the zeolite synthesis and industrialization

3.transformation of methanol and its dericatives
1)methanol to low-carbon olefins
2)methanol to propylene
3)other conversion of methanol and its dericatives

4.synthesis gas to chemicals
1)synthesis gas to olefins directly
2)synthesis gas to bulk chemicals
3)comprehensive utilization of synthesis gas/CO

5.renseach of hydrocarbon transforming
1)residuum to olefins
2)naphtha to olefins
3)biomass conversion to olefins
4)olefin hydration to petrochemical products

6.zoom in and development of the catalytic process
1)fluidized catalytic process research and development
2)measurement technology of gas-solid flow
3)theory and numerical simulation of gas-solid flow research
1)development of methanol and its derivatives to olefin and new separation process
2) development of new process reactor and separation system design combined with establishmentof the cold model test and new reaction separation test platform
3)establishment of the new craft materials database through process simulation ,use of software and secondary development
4)establishment of complete sets of technology package design system and service,as followed, project evaluation of new technology,small-scale test,process simulation,pilot plant,process system optimization,technology package,craft operating manual,test training,process plant expansion and energy saving.

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